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Professional Authentication Service

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Apostille Agency offers expedited authentication services specializing in Apostilles and Embassy/Consulate Legalizations for all document types including FBI Background Checks. Their services ensure that your document may be legally used overseas without the hassle of interacting with foreign governments or embassies. Complete everything online- saving time and money- with secure electronic file transfers! No need to mail anything! Email: mail @ apostilleagency.com or visit www.apostilleagency.com  for more information


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Expatriate community

InterNations is an international community for people living and working abroad. It unites more than 1 million expats and global minds in all countries around the world. Join InterNations for free to meet fellow expatriates in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs. As a member, you will have the opportunity to attend first class events in 390 cities around the globe for Free or at a reduced fee, as well as taking part in various activities ranging from sports to business networking.

Also gain access to Country and City Guides, as well as Expat Magazines that provide a helpful resource for all things related to moving and living abroad: for example, information on jobs, tax issues, medical services, education, expatriation, and relocation.


Relocation and Destination Services

Wherever your destination, or if you are returning to the UK, The Euro Group offers a flexible range of moving solutions to meet your needs:

  • An economy baggage service – suitable for assignees on short term secondment. This is a cost effective method of moving a small shipment of cartons with a door-to-door service.
  • Part load service – for removals that may not be a full household and where the assignee has a degree of flexibility in their schedule. This service may take a little longer than average. However, it offers economical rates in cases where the budget is a priority.
  • Full Container Load – a direct, door-to-door service suitable for full household goods removals.
  • Storage – The Euro Group offer safe and secure facilities for storage of household goods and personal effects throughout the duration of the assignment. Storage can be arranged at either the client's home town or temporarily at their destination if required. Services includes collection and delivery.

As well as international moving, The Eurogroup offers an extensive range of destination services to fully support the relocation programme. As members of both EuRa and Worldwide ERC, Eurogroup take a flexible approach to all of it's services, tailoring them to specific needs and/ or individual requirements. These services include: Accommodation & school searching, orientation and settling in, cultural and language training, car shipment and of course, pet relocation. To discuss individual requirements, please contact us via our website: www.the-eurogroup.com.


Save Money on Foreign Exchange with TorFX

If you’re considering beginning a new chapter of your life overseas, making sure the move is financially viable is likely to be high on your list of priorities.

But even if your Salary Expectation report shows you that the grass isn’t quite as green as you were hoping, don’t give up on your emigration dream. Basic budgeting and clever cutbacks can allow you to maintain the quality of life you were hoping for, while a little expert guidance can help you save a considerable amount of money on the expenses often attached to currency exchange.

Whether you need to make a sizable one-off transfer (to buy a foreign property for example) or have to manage regular overseas payments (to meet rent costs, transfer wages or pay school fees) reputable, FCA authorised currency brokers like TorFX can make sure you save time and money.

As well as offering the best possible exchange rates, expert guidance, exemplary customer service and a range of individually tailored services, TorFX assigns clients their own personal Account Manager to support them through every stage of their fast, secure and free international currency transfer. 

While most banks add on commission and a transfer fee of anywhere from £10 to £40 per transaction, TorFX carries out transfers at no additional cost, saving clients hundreds in transfer fees alone.

Furthermore, when it comes to foreign currency exchange timing is crucial and making a trade when the market is favourable could result in savings of thousands of Pounds. With exchange rates being so volatile TorFX clients can opt to be sent regular updates of currency trends and market movements, ensuring that they’re able to make informed decisions regarding the best time to make a trade.  

TorFX clients also have access to specialist services like forward contracts. With forward contracts a favourable rate can be fixed for up to a year in advance of a trade, protecting transactions from adverse market movements and exchange rate fluctuations.

Other services, like regular overseas payment plans, allow clients to set up automatic, cost effective and stress-free exchanges on monthly or quarterly transfers.

Whatever your currency need, TorFX is ready to make things simpler and help you save money. 

For more information please visit one of the following links: Free Quote , www.torfx.com

Or if you have a currency question you’d like answering, Ask the Expert by contacting Will on +44 (0) 1736 335270, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through this link – Ask a Question