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If you are looking for a new job, you will most likely be asked this question: What is your salary expectation? This is practically an unavoidable question during a job search, yet it is the one question job seekers dread. It is a big conundrum. You don’t want to pitch too high and price yourself out or pitch too low and undervalue yourself or not get your ideal salary should you be successful. Despite this, you also want to answer the question so that you do not come across as unprepared or uncooperative.

A unique way to tackle the salary expectation question is by using the cost of living. Set your salary expectation based on cost of living andprovide credible information to your potential employer.

Confidently submit your Salary Expectation Report with your CV or when asked for your salary expectation. Your report is calculated with the cost of living indices from the Economist Intelligence Unit, the world's leading provider of country intelligence and the business information arm of the Economist Group. The credibility of your report cannot be denied.

We provide an indisputable answer to the salary expectation question.

Calculate the salary you need to improve your current standard of living in 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter your full name, how you want it shown on your salary report.
  2. Enter your current city, in which you want to improve your standard of living.
  3. Enter your current monthly or annual net salary. Your net salary is your disposable income or take home pay after tax deductions. It can be found on your payment slip or bank statement. Why net salary? Calculate your net salary.

Your Salary Expectation Report will cost $50 or the equivalent in your local currency. It will empower you to earn the salary that will improve your standard of living and make your job change worthwhile .

Download a sample Salary Expectation Report

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Your report is available for download immediately your payment is confirmed. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.

How to use your Personal Salary Expectation Report