Maximise your chances of success in nudging your star candidate or expatriate to relocate with our Cost of Living Salary Calculator . Our Cost of Living Salary Report is an efficient way to manage the cost of living salary expectations of both the expat and the employer.

Calculate the equivalent salary in another city based on cost of living comparison, to determine the minimum salary needed to maintain an individual's current standard of living. The salary required to improve their standard of living is also calculated. Cost of living salary negotiation has never been easier.

Our Cost of Living Salary Calculator uses the cost of living indices produced by our partner the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the world's leading provider of country intelligence and the business information arm of the Economist Group. The Economist Intelligence Unit Worldwide Cost of Living Survey covers 140 cities in 93 countries and is updated twice a year.

Calculate your clients cost of living salary expectation and download a full report for only $50:

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Candidates current city             

Candidates destination city       

Candidates current Net Salary  

Your report is available for download immediately your payment is confirmed. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.


The Cost of Living Salary Report includes:

1. The minimum salary required to maintain their standard of living.

2. The salary that will increase their standard of living.

3. The cost of living difference between the current city and the destination city using mean average prices.

4. The cost of living difference between the current city and the destination city using high average prices.

5. Prices of up to 22 essential items, including food, household supplies, and utility bills like water and electricity.

6. Average prices of furnished and unfurnished apartments in the candidate’s destination city.

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