Are You Doing the Right Job?

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We are all busy working in a particular area to earn our living. Some of us are business people and some are employed. Some are engineers, others doctors, carpenters and so on. We have painters, architects, firemen and all kinds of professionals.
The question is: Why did you choose a particular profession? Have you been scientifically tested in your childhood about your physical condition, or was it your family profession, or you wanted to become one because you fancied it, or you had nothing else to choose than to choose your profession?
Along the way in life, we stop to ask these questions and continue to do what we do. We never think about why we are doing a particular kind of job. We never seek a complete change in the job. For example - an engineer would very rarely think about dropping out of his/her profession and becoming a full time musician. Why?
Why don't we all think of changing our profession? Why don't we think in that direction at all? One reason is to maintain status quo which gives us comfort. We want to live in our comfort zone.
The second reason is that we never ask ourselves: Am I doing the job that I fully like? Can I choose another profession that will give me more success and happiness?
Think about these. You may find something else that may give you not only satisfaction, but also great success.
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