Calculate cost of living salary expectation for 140 cities worldwide, using the cost of living indices from The Economist Intelligence Unit. We provide a cost-effective solution for global job seekers, recruiters, expatriates and international candidates who need to accurately calculate cost of living salary expectation. 


Our story

Our co-founder, a Human Resources professional was trying to solve a problem faced by international candidates and expatriates. It was difficult to find credible and affordable cost of living information, required to accurately calculate the salary necessary for the cost of living in a city.

Expatriates and International candidates were calculating their salary expectation with unreliable cost of living information, and getting it wrong caused a lot of problems for both the individual and the employer. An example was an individual who was forced to move back home only a few months after relocating, due to the unexpected high cost of living in their new city.

After continuously witnessing the importance of getting cost of living salary expectation right, was created to give individuals access to accurate cost of living information from the Economist Intelligence Unit, for a fraction of the price.

Through our partnership with the EIU, anyone can accurately calculate their salary expectation using the cost of living indices from the world's leading provider of country intelligence and the business information arm of the Economist Group for Only $50. The EIU cost of living reports typically costs hundreds of dollars.

Our goal

  • To give individuals around the world affordable access to accurate cost of living information.
  • To help individuals use their salary to improve their standard of living, or at least maintain their standard of living in another city.


Our Personal Salary Report was designed to empower individuals to negotiate the best salary for the cost of living in their city. It can also be used by individuals changing jobs in the same city. It includes:

1. The minimum salary you require to maintain your current standard of living in another city.

2. The salary that will increase your standard of living in the same city or in another city.

3. The cost of living indices for your chosen city or cities.

4. Prices of up to 22 essential items, including food, household supplies and utility bills.

5. Average prices of furnished and unfurnished apartments.

6. Personal Income Tax summary.