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Calculate the salary required for the cost of living in cities around the world using the cost of living indices from the world's leading provider of country intelligence and the business information arm of the Economist Group.

Gain access to cost of living data trusted by Fortune 500 companies for a fraction of the price they pay. We believe that everyone should have access to accurate cost of living indices and we want to help expatriates and job seekers understand how much they need to earn in any country.

Unlike user contributed databases, our Cost of Living Salary Calculator uses the cost of living indices from the Economist Intelligence Unit surveys which gathers detailed information on the cost of more than 160 items from food, toiletries and clothing to domestic help, transport and utility bills in every city. The survey is conducted twice a year and more than 50,000 individual prices are collected in each survey round.

The Personal Salary Expectation Report is a cost-effective solution for job seekers, expats and international candidates who cannot afford to get their cost of living salary calculation wrong. 

Choose one of our Cost of Living Salary Calculators to create your Personal Salary Expectation Report.

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Buy a cost of living report

Calculate your Expat Salary and make informed decisions when planning your career in another city.

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Use your Salary Expectation Report when searching for jobs and negotiate the salary increase that will improve your standard of living.

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Gain access to Cost of Living data trusted by fortune 500 companies

Compare the cost of living in two different cities for any employee profile. You can use the Cost of Living Report to calculate the cost of living adjustments for relocating employees or the salary expectation for job seekers.

We offer different services to meet our client's needs e.g Bespoke Reports, Website Calculator widgets, Expat Mobility Outsourcing, International Recruitment Services etc.

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