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If you are planning to live and work in another city or country, use our International Cost of Living Salary Calculator to calculate the salary you need for the cost of living in your destination city. 

Create your cost of living salary expectation report in four simple steps:

1. Enter your full name, exactly how you want it shown on your report.

2. Choose the city you are moving from.

3. Choose the city you are moving to.

4. Enter your current monthly or annual  net salary. Your net salary is your disposable income or take home pay after tax deductions. It can be found on your payment slip or bank statement. Why net salary? Calculate your net salary

Your Cost of Living Salary Expectation Report will cost $50 or the equivalent in your local currency. (Why should I pay?It includes:

1. The salary that will maintain your current standard of living.

2. The salary that will improve your current standard of living.

3. The cost of living difference between your current city and destination city using both mean average and high average prices. 

4. Prices of essential everyday items in your destination city, e.g. bread, rice, milk, coffee, telephone line rental, water bill and electricity bill.

5. The average prices of apartments in your destination city, furnished and unfurnished.

6. Personal tax summary for your destination country.

Download a Sample Personal Salary Expectation Report

Full Name
Current city
Destination city
Current Net Salary

Your report is available for download immediately your payment is confirmed. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.

How to use your Personal Salary Expectation Report



Customer Feedback

"My Personal Salary Expectation report allowed me to negotiate my salary and estimate my cost of living when moving from the US to the UK. I would recommend this for anyone moving countries." Michelle, moving from the US to the UK.

Please share your success stories using your Personal Salary Expectation Report with us. We would love to hear how your report has helped you earn the salary that is required for the cost of living in your destination city or earn the salary that improved your standard of living.

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